What English Language Summer Courses Can Offer You!

As one of the most widely spoken languages on Earth, English has become a language of trade, commerce and cultural exchange. For this reason it has become a popular second language for people around the globe who want to connect with people from other countries. Many ways to learn the English language are pursued, and English language summer courses have been found to be one of the most effective means of learning English as a second language.

English Language Summer Courses

English Language Summer Courses

An English language summer course is basically a period wherein the student stays in England for a period of four to eight weeks, during which he is taught English. The idea is that, by living and studying in an English-speaking country, a student is more able to listen to and practise conversing in English with native speakers. The result is a more natural and intuitive grasp of the language, and the ability to remember what they learn more readily. It also gives the student an opportunity to learn English as it is actually spoken in day-to-day life, rather than a text-book version. This makes conversations easier to understand and more natural.

Besides from the vocational benefits, taking a summer course in England also offers great personal experiences. While the student is indeed supposed to be studying, a summer in England offers many chances to enjoy oneself. As a student you’d be encouraged to take part in English culture, such as visiting historical landmarks, attending theatres, reading literature and watching English TV. Indeed half the course is about going out and socialising with the English in their world. This allows plenty of opportunities for memorable experiences, as well as the chance to make lasting friendships.

There are also other benefits to learning a second language. It improves confidence, as it allows you to engage with people in an unfamiliar culture. It also improves one’s intelligence, as it actively stimulates certain regions in the brain that help you retain information and memorise it. Learning English also allows you to learn other languages later on, as you apply the strategies and techniques you spent learning it to other languages, or make connections between shared words and grammatical rules.

For further information about English language summer courses, or to apply for one this summer, visit the website of Concorde International, an English language school based in the historic city of Canterbury in southern England.