Benefits of Fire Rated Industrial Housings and Kiosks

The dangers of workplace fires

The effects of fires in the workplace and in industry can be devastating especially if they are left for a prolonged period without intervention. Fires spread quickly and despite plenty of advice on how to protect yourself and your workplace from fire, accidents, malfunctions and vandalism can happen.

The 2015/2016 Government fire statistics show that building fires, (not including home dwellings) went up by 3%, whilst the total number of secondary fires in the UK went up by 7% during this period.

The total number of primary and secondary fires attended since the previous year had also gone up by 5% from 2014, making it more important than ever to fireproof your buildings and work sites no matter what industry you work in.

1 and 2 Hour Fire Protection

A key area to help improve fire protection is to use housings that are fire rated and there are regulations and standards to ensure industrial housing meets recommended fire protection levels.

However, Kingsley Plastics (KPL) has gone above and beyond in this area, cemented itself as a leader in fire rated GRP housings thanks to its meticulous and robust fire testing.

Fire Rated Housings and Enclosures

KPL is the first GRP manufacturer in the UK to have passed the required 60-minute fire test, meaning their housings have earned a certified approval for BS 476 Part 21 for load-bearing structures.

Why is this important? This certification means that the walls and roofs of our fire-proof GRP housings are guaranteed to maintain their integrity, even after this prolonged period of time. This structural integrity ensures that even if fires are left unattended for a period of time, they will not become a serious health and safety hazard.

This certification means that the walls and roofs of KPL’s fire-proof GRP housings are guaranteed to maintain their integrity, even after this prolonged period of time. This structural integrity ensures that even if fires are left unattended for a period of time, they will not become a serious health and safety hazard.

In addition to the above, each style of unit has been comprehensively tested for surface spread of flame and fire penetration to BS 476 parts 6, 7 and 12 plus. This ensures fire spread is kept to a minimum and that housings or kiosks will not become rapidly engulfed in flames, risking collapse.

All of KPL fire rated GRP kiosks and enclosures are specifically designed to keep fire dangers to a minimum, protecting your workforce, your site and anyone in the area.

fire rated kiosks

Customised Fire Rated Housings

Alongside this industry-leading fire prevention, every fire rated housing or kiosk from KPL can be fully customised to suit your business’s needs whatever your sector or global location either here in the UK or overseas.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Electrical
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Railway
  • Telecom
  • Engineering
  • Architecture

Fire-Rated Housing and Kiosk Customisation

  • Single/double entry fireproof doors
  • 30, 60 and 120 minute fireproofing options
  • Grills, vents and access panels/hatches
  • Safe, non-slip flooring
  • Complete end to ended design and manufacturing
  • A wide range of external finishes

Ensuring your place of work is highly protected against the dangers of fire needn’t be difficult or expensive. Fire rated GRP housings are affordable, delivered straight to your site and are easy to set up for protection against both fire-related accidents and vandalism.


Weatherproof Enclosures – What You Need to Know

When it comes to selecting and buying weatherproof enclosures, you’ll want to take two things into consideration:

  1. the robustness of your enclosure
  2. how well it keeps out dust, dirt and water

weatherproofPart of your robustness checks should make sure your enclosure will have all the necessary security, locking and safety features. These are often the areas cheaper manufactures will scrimp on so what you may save in cost you lose in security.

As well as robust security you want your enclosure to be weather robust to protect what’s inside from weather damage.  Enclosures that come with or have the option of installing extra features are the ones to look out for. This is because they will have maximum adaptability, an advantage that is so often needed when working in industrial areas.

GRP Weatherproof Enclosures

The material of an enclosure is another important element to consider for weatherproofing and longevity, if you are serious about keeping your equipment safe both today and in the future.

Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is one of the most popular materials used to make weatherproof enclosures. This wonder material has many features that make it excellent for exposed and dangerous areas. It is tough against the elements, resistant to corrosion, lightweight and virtually maintenance free!

All of these benefits make GRP the perfect material for both busy industrial working areas and remote weather exposed locations.

In addition GRP is tough and can be fire rated and given anti-vandal properties.

IP Rating

Next, you’ll want to look at your enclosures IP rating. This rating will tell you how weatherproof your GRP cabinet is and whether it will fit your requirements.

A rating of IP55 or higher will protect your casing from most types of harmful dust and almost all types of water without too much trouble.

With an IP rating of 55 you can be sure that your enclosures are protected against heavy rain, low pressure jets, high winds and dusty working atmospheres.

weatherproof-enclosuresHowever, if your weatherproof enclosure is likely to be subject to high water pressure or large amounts of water, you may want to consider one with an IP rating of 66, 67 or 68.

These ratings give you complete protection from either short-term or long-term water submersion and are fully dust tight.

This combination of strong and sturdy GRP paid with a moderate to high IP rating provides you with everything you need for an effective weatherproof enclosure. Moderations and extras are always good to have if your industry or work is a little different from the norm, but strength and water resistance should always be a top priority.

To find out more about quality design, manufacture and installation of weatherproof enclosures visit Kingsley Plastics.