Learning English in England can be a great boost to any career

English holds the honour of being the most widely spoken language in the world, with billions of people across the globe having at least some basic conversational knowledge in the language. Unsurprising given how England is arguably the language of business and trade in today’s world, as well as commanding impressive cultural pull as well. While learning English at home is certainly something most students are considering, to learn English in England would serve even more effectively at grounding a working knowledge of English.

english in england

After all, when you learnt your first language you did so with flash cards, studies of grammatical rules or constantly repeating word endings. You learnt it by being surrounded by the language, and being made to speak and listen to the language at home and all around. The same principle applies here.

Certainly English is widely considered to be one of the more difficult languages to learn, thanks to the large amount of influences it received from other languages. With all the unusual sounds (such as th) and spelling rules, learning English in a classroom may rob you of the vital context and natural learning environment necessary to grasp the nuances. Likewise with no native speakers to compare yourself to, it may be easy to fall into bad habits when speaking English, such as mispronouncing words or incorrect grammar.

Thus to learn English in England is basically the same as viewing an animal in its natural habitat versus see a picture of the animal in a book or on a TV screen. You get a greater understanding of it sounds, behaves and how it should look authentically.

Naturally when you seek to learn English in England you should try to find somewhere to practice it. Fortunately there are a good number of schools within England that are capable of catering to international students seeking to improve their English, all of which offer numerous courses for all levels of proficiency. Many also operate numerous schemes intended to assist their students learn English more comfortably and hastily, from clubs and activities to hosting students with “home families” who’ll coach them on English in a more domestic setting. With all the support and advice they can offer, learning English in England will quickly become less of a daunting challenge and more of an exciting opportunity.

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