What is Litho Printing?

Litho Printing is a separate type of printing from Digital Printing. Offered by some major printing companies like Orbital Print, Litho Printing uses a variety of stencils and intermediates to transfer the ink onto the printing paper, whereas digital printing will just directly apply the ink to the paper via inkjet or laser.

A recent article from B2B source asks:

  • What does litho printing involve?
  • When is litho printing used?
  • Who are the best Litho Printing suppliers

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For more information about Litho Printing services: See Orbital Print here.


What are the benefits of digital printing to businesses?

In 2013, printing is still a key element in marketing strategies in combination with social media, internet marketing and email marketing. Consumers still expect to see printed products or hard copies for assurance. The same goes for books and book printing – consumers are still expecting high quality prints. However, with most form of marketing, how can you keep printing costs low and make the most out of your budget.

digital print

Orbital Print explains why digital printing is a great solution for businesses:

Digital Print is:

  • Fast
  • Cost effective
  • Sharp and high quality
  • Flexible

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Using Digital Print for Direct Mail

When approaching your direct mail campaign, many will ask whether the quality of direct mail makes much of a difference. Here are a few things to consider.

 direct mail

Direct mail is meant to seize your attention:

  • All direct mail campaigns should be designed to be eye catching
  • According to leading Uk direct mail provider Orbital mailing, the mail has just 3.8 seconds to grab your recipients attention
  • This means the quality of the print (colours and images) will be noticed wedged between your electricity bills and bank statements.

Creating relevant content for the recipient:

  •  This is largely down the copy and choice of wording and imagery; however, personalisation using high quality printing can be the key to this
  • With personalisation, direct mail immediately feels more relevant to us personally
  • This again is something can be achieved through the use of digital printing.

 Providing a return on investment:

  • Digital print can help keep the costs low
  •  Banners, ads, emails and tweets all come and go while print is permanent and physical.
  • This goes a long way towards conversions and is the reason why  the quality of the print must be of the highest standard.

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