Stand out with creative meetings

What is creativity? By definition it is the use of original ideas and a broad imagination to think of something new and a little outside of the box. Creativity has been the reason behind many of the most successful concepts, products and ways of working. Stepping away from the ‘normal’ and choosing to do something that is a little more creative can set any company apart from the majority – making them a first choice company to work with.


Client introductions and meetings over coffee or a nice three course dinner are exactly that – ‘nice’. Whilst a great way to talk to clients on a more personal level, the concept is old and can become a little boring. It also does not offer a relaxed atmosphere which may make it harder to build working relations from.

Creative meetings such as corporate cooking events could provide a unique alternative to a meeting over lunch – offering the perfect opportunity to interact more with the client. In these creative meetings, the emphasis is on relaxing and having fun rather than ‘office talk’ which may help break the ice with clients and make them feel more at ease. This is a great first step when thinking of a long term business relationship. These creative meetings, such as those hosted by Venturi’s Table, do not make you slave over a hot stove to create a meal, but instead give you the opportunity sample different ingredients and create a meal that the whole team can enjoy together. Over a glass of wine, you and your clients can then sit down and tuck into your creations. Creative meetings are a completely new and more exciting way to build a better relationships with clients, enabling you to ‘mingle’ more within a relaxed and unforced environment.

If you are looking for new ways to entertain your clients with creative meetings and would like to find out further information on corporate cooking experiences, please visit the website of Venturi’s Table. Alternatively, if you would like to speak to a member of the Venturi’s Table team to discuss how these creative meetings may help to build rapport with your clients or would like further information about these events, please contact a team member now by dialling 02088757488.