Small Business Concerns About Apprenticeships

Common Small Business Concerns About Apprenticeships

While a recent report by the FSB highlighted that 1 in 4 of their members already offer apprenticeships there are still many UK small business who would love to offer apprenticeships, but don’t.

So why is this the case?

Despite the benefits to UK small employers of offering apprenticeships, there are some big concerns that need to be overcome.

Common concerns include:

  • school leavers not having the needed businesses’ skills
  • A lack of work ethic among candidates
  • Employers lacking the time needed for day to day apprentice management
  • A further lack of skills and time for properly training
Small Business Concerns About Apprenticeships

Many Small Business worry about their ability to provide the right training.

Government Apprenticeship Support

However, there are existing Government support for employers wanting to offer apprenticeships including details on:

  • Grants
  • Pay and Conditions
  • Apprenticeship agreement
  • Apprenticeship training agencies

Free Up Extra Time

In addition, many small businesses can become more efficient and free up time for managing an apprentice. One area that often eats away at a small business owners time is accounts and invoicing.

Switching to an online accounting and invoicing solution can reduce the time it takes to keep business finances up-to-date. It can also make it much easier to employ new staff including apprentice helping with complex areas like payroll and tax returns.


While as a business owner you might have concerns offer an Apprenticeship is possible and can bring a real benefit to your business.

It might also be the push you need to start improving and streamlining areas of your business that will ultimately give you more time to develop and grow your business.