Why going green could be saving your business money

Minimising emissions and promoting sustainability is essential for all businesses nowadays. With such an importance placed on environmentally friendly products, green warehouses are becoming a popular way for businesses to improve their carbon footprint and save money.

Thanks to a boom in eco-friendly equipment, it’s now relatively easier for any business to get their hands on items that are better for the environment. Going green is easier than you might think and whilst there can be a few upfront costs involved, the long-term benefits cannot be ignored.

Simple, everyday replacements

It’s easy to forget about the small things that could be having a huge impact on your eco-friendliness and warehouse lighting is one of them. Simply by switching from regular lighting to a more environmentally friendly LED, you could save your business thousands every year. They’re just as effective but use far less energy and need to be replaced less often, making them a perfect switch for any business making the move to a green warehouse.

Water wastage is another pressing issue for warehouses, although it’s not as widely talked about as electricity and gas usage. If cutting costs and reducing water wastage are something your business is serious about, then swapping to low-flow toilets, faucets and even hosepipes will help solve your wastage problem.

Unfortunately, these green initiatives will involve spending money from the outset. However, many businesses who have invested have seen serious cost reductions in a short space of time, making them more than worthy of your spare capital.

Warehouse design

Every supply chain manager knows that warehouse design is incredibly important for a smoothly run business but layout and planning can also reduce waste and cut costs. Using data collected from tracking your assets, you can work with logistics experts to transform your warehouse for very little.

warehouse design

By optimising your layout, you’ll cut down on the time it takes your employees to travel throughout the warehouse, as well as making it easier for workers to find and pick items. Not only does this cut down on labour costs, it minimises electricity used to move around the floor. Whilst it might not seem like this would have a great environmental impact, the small, everyday changes do add up throughout the year.


Recycling is another big initiative businesses are using to improve their supply chains and turn their warehouses green. Whilst many companies already reuse a lot of materials such as pallets and crates, there’s a good chance that they could benefit from further recycling efforts. Conducting a recycling audit will help to determine if there are any other areas where reuse is possible and help your employees properly recycle anything that can’t be put to use elsewhere.

warehouse recycling

Whilst some green initiatives cost money up front, most are relatively inexpensive and some are even free. Nonetheless, the real prize is the money saved in the long-term and the continual improvement of emissions and wastage.


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Small Business Concerns About Apprenticeships

Common Small Business Concerns About Apprenticeships

While a recent report by the FSB highlighted that 1 in 4 of their members already offer apprenticeships there are still many UK small business who would love to offer apprenticeships, but don’t.

So why is this the case?

Despite the benefits to UK small employers of offering apprenticeships, there are some big concerns that need to be overcome.

Common concerns include:

  • school leavers not having the needed businesses’ skills
  • A lack of work ethic among candidates
  • Employers lacking the time needed for day to day apprentice management
  • A further lack of skills and time for properly training
Small Business Concerns About Apprenticeships

Many Small Business worry about their ability to provide the right training.

Government Apprenticeship Support

However, there are existing Government support for employers wanting to offer apprenticeships including details on:

  • Grants
  • Pay and Conditions
  • Apprenticeship agreement
  • Apprenticeship training agencies


Free Up Extra Time

In addition, many small businesses can become more efficient and free up time for managing an apprentice. One area that often eats away at a small business owners time is accounts and invoicing.

Switching to an online accounting and invoicing solution can reduce the time it takes to keep business finances up-to-date. It can also make it much easier to employ new staff including apprentice helping with complex areas like payroll and tax returns.


While as a business owner you might have concerns offer an Apprenticeship is possible and can bring a real benefit to your business.

It might also be the push you need to start improving and streamlining areas of your business that will ultimately give you more time to develop and grow your business.

Inventory Management Ideas

Inventory Management Ideas

Inventory management can be one of the most costly aspects of operating an organisation; by planning properly you can reduce the inventory saving your business hundreds or thousands of pounds.

inventory management ideas

A recent article from B2B source outlines inventory management ideas. This article touches on the following aspects:

  • Hiring a specialist consultant to help with your inventory management
  • Keeping records in case of an unexpected inventory management crisis
  • Counting and checking everything manually

You can read the full article here at B2B source.

Learning English in England can be a great boost to any career

English holds the honour of being the most widely spoken language in the world, with billions of people across the globe having at least some basic conversational knowledge in the language. Unsurprising given how England is arguably the language of business and trade in today’s world, as well as commanding impressive cultural pull as well. While learning English at home is certainly something most students are considering, to learn English in England would serve even more effectively at grounding a working knowledge of English.

english in england

After all, when you learnt your first language you did so with flash cards, studies of grammatical rules or constantly repeating word endings. You learnt it by being surrounded by the language, and being made to speak and listen to the language at home and all around. The same principle applies here.

Certainly English is widely considered to be one of the more difficult languages to learn, thanks to the large amount of influences it received from other languages. With all the unusual sounds (such as th) and spelling rules, learning English in a classroom may rob you of the vital context and natural learning environment necessary to grasp the nuances. Likewise with no native speakers to compare yourself to, it may be easy to fall into bad habits when speaking English, such as mispronouncing words or incorrect grammar.

Thus to learn English in England is basically the same as viewing an animal in its natural habitat versus see a picture of the animal in a book or on a TV screen. You get a greater understanding of it sounds, behaves and how it should look authentically.

Naturally when you seek to learn English in England you should try to find somewhere to practice it. Fortunately there are a good number of schools within England that are capable of catering to international students seeking to improve their English, all of which offer numerous courses for all levels of proficiency. Many also operate numerous schemes intended to assist their students learn English more comfortably and hastily, from clubs and activities to hosting students with “home families” who’ll coach them on English in a more domestic setting. With all the support and advice they can offer, learning English in England will quickly become less of a daunting challenge and more of an exciting opportunity.

For more information about the opportunity to learn English in England, and to enquire about other English course available, visit the website of Concorde International. You can also phone directly by calling 01227 451 035.

Training Manuals for Your Company

training manual printing A good manager will tell you that the best businesses are built around people. It often doesn’t matter what product you sell or what service you are offering if the people you employ are not up to the task of delivering your product or service well. This is why training is so important. All employees should follow the same processes and regulations to really help to make a brand what it is.

One of the best ways to communicate expectations with your employees is by using training manuals. A recent article from B2B source outlines the benefits of training manual printing.

Examination of hospital kitchens finds poorly cooked food and poorly used blast freezers

food storage blast freezers

A recent study from catering experts ‘super-kitchens’ has shed some light on some of the NHS food practices. The study reveals that close to 1.2 million NHS patients per month had been severed substandard food from the NHS. Poor cooking, cold storage practices and sub-standard ingredients were just three aspects of this recent study.

Do you want to read more? If you interested in this study, you can read the full article here at B2B source.

You can read about how ‘David Maguire’ gained unrestricted access to numerous catering facilities used by the NHS.

For more information about the appropriate use of blast freezers, visit CRS Cold Storage.

Benefits of smoke control services for businesses

smoke venting services

smoke venting services

Smoke control should be a priority for businesses who come into direct contact with members of the public. When starting a business many fail to put in place proper safety precautions in the case of a fire. B2B source has put together an article listing the benefits of implementing smoke control services to help protect your business.

Businesses need to prepare for the unfortunate event of a fire by investing in Smoke control services that can help make your working environment a safer place. A well thought out construction can help you and your staff escape the building quicker and make all the difference.

Read the full article here at B2B Source – Benefits of smoke control services for businesses

For more information about smoke control services, visit FireDesignSolutions today.

Is Inventory management the key to running your business successfully?

inventory management

inventory management

The secret to a great business is a great supply chain. You need to know your business and understand what works best at each individual level will help you to bring together all of those elements and keep everything running the way it should be. There really are endless benefits of having a well organised supply chain – an increase in profits, cutting costs – or both! Read this recent article from B2B source which outlines what is involved from everyday logistics to in-depth inventory management, there’s so much to consider when it comes to making your company work.

Read the full article here at B2B source

FREE CPD Seminar from FDS Consult – Oct 2014

fire engineering seminar CPd

If you are an architect, M&E consultant, developer or a contractor, clear your diary on the 21st October 2014! FDS will be running a free CPD Seminar in London demonstrating real life examples to illustrate fire engineering. The seminar will show what can be achieved for a residential or commercial project including, improved design flexibility, high safety standards, space maximisation and reduced build costs.

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Supply chain consultants could help you to transform your business

supply chain consultants

supply chain consultants

Are you finding the demands of your clients and deadlines too much to handle? Are you not responding and delivering items quickly enough? This can directly impact your brand reputation which you can spend a lifetime building but 5 minutes to destroy!

You may want to reconsider how your supply chain is handled. Supply chain consultants help you to analyse, plan and optimise your supply chain to create bespoke a model that works for every area of your business and eventually your clients.

A recent article from B2B source outlines the alarm bells that are ringing which show that you need some assistance with your supply chain. The article also outlines how supply chain consultants can help you to get your business running like clockwork. You can read the full article here at B2B Source.

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