Metal Angles: Just What are They and What do They Do?

While perusing the local DIY hardware store, pondering new additions to your home decoration products, you may have encountered in certain sections long strips of metal angles. Unfortunately the big disadvantage with walking into hardware stores is that they rather assume that you already know what everything is and how it’s used. You can always ask staff at the store, but some of us are shy, and the staff may not always have the answers either.

So what are those metal angles and what are they used for?

Their actual name is angle iron or angle rod, as you may already have gleaned from signs or price tags. Simple put, they are a thin rod of metal that you attach to external corners, steps or any other such protrusions in order to keep them protected from damage. They come in a variety of forms and materials and can be attached in a number of ways, but they all fundamentally carry the same purpose. In attaching angle irons to your corners, you can stop them from becoming marked or chipped during day-to-day activity. It also provides additional structural support.

metal angle

Angle irons can also be used to protect table corner edges. This is especially useful in work areas, such as woodworking workshops or kitchens, were there are lots of sharp, edges tools to damage tables with. Such protection can increase a table’s lifespan by decades.

To a more niche extent, you can also see metal angles being used in the construction of skate parks. The design of angle irons allows for skateboarders to skid along the length of the bar using the axels of their boards, a technique referred to as grinding. There are a variety of other uses that an angle iron can be put to as well.

If you are worried about metal angles ruining the look of your home, then fear not. Metal angles are installed on corners, using pins, nails, adhesive or a mixture of these things, and then plastered and painted/covered over. If they’re on the stairs, you can easily cover them over with carpeting or, again, with plaster. These allow your corners and stairs to be better protected without having unsightly metal angles ruining your home’s decoration.

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