Get ready for your 2014 exhibition with printers in Kent

Exhibitions are a great way to drum up new interest in your business. Using printers in Kent you could offer additional material so that your business is remembered after the exhibition ends!

printers in kent exhibition

Exhibitions have been a great source of new leads for many years. Some would argue that in a world that is moving increasingly towards all things digital, businesses need to bring back the ‘people’ element through face to face interactions. An article from B2B source shows how you can use high quality print to sell your products and make sure your business sticks in the mind of potential clients. Here are some highlights from the article:

  • Personalised stationary including pens which could be used as free ‘giveaways’
  • Flyers offer snip-its of information which can be used as a quick reminder of your company and products
  •  Very important to have a stack of business cards at the ready for interested parties
  • Offer something useful, a mouse mat or office mug that they will use over and over

Read the full article at B2B Source: 

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Local Web Design for your Kent Business

Nowadays, any new business start-up is recommended to have a website. What with the majority of people in Britain and abroad being connected to the Internet, the main source of leads or customers for the majority of business comes from the Internet.

Web Design Kent

If you are an existing business based in and around Kent, or you’re just starting up your business, you need your website to be visible on Google and other search engines so that your customers can find you easily. Your website also needs to be visually appealing to any visitors, because a poorly designed website could easily send potential customers away, especially if you yourself are trying to offer digital services such as web hosting or media distribution.

Using a local Web Design and Development agency from Kent will mean that the website can be built and organised by people who are within the boundaries of where your product is targeted. This means that they can draw inspiration for designs from local sources, and can tailor the marketing to specific local areas that they’re more aware of than other further afield agencies.

For example, if you were to use a Web Design agency in Kent or London, they might be able to draw inspiration from many aspects of life around the South-East. For example, an artist or graphic designer for such a Web Design agency may focus their designs on the sea, or historical aspects, such as Dover or Canterbury, or even the fact that Kent is known as ‘The Garden of England’.

London too, is a place of massive cultural development and a huge multilingual centre. By choosing a Web Design company from Kent and London, you’ll be able to see eye-to-eye on matters such as which languages to incorporate into your website.

As was previously outlined, to make your business successful, you need to make sure the website appears high in Google’s search rankings. There are many ways in which you can improve a website to make sure it appears as high as possible – pay-per-click, search-engine-optimisation, good content and a good design.

A Web Design agency in Kent will be able to increase your Google rankings by providing a quality design to fit the purpose of your website, whether it be intended for social use, a gallery or public information etc.

If you need help finding a professional Web Design in Kent, ExtraDigital is the biggest one of its kind in the southeast of England, offering many services to its clients, such as Web Design, Development, Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click, Hosting and more.

What are the benefits of digital printing to businesses?

In 2013, printing is still a key element in marketing strategies in combination with social media, internet marketing and email marketing. Consumers still expect to see printed products or hard copies for assurance. The same goes for books and book printing – consumers are still expecting high quality prints. However, with most form of marketing, how can you keep printing costs low and make the most out of your budget.

digital print

Orbital Print explains why digital printing is a great solution for businesses:

Digital Print is:

  • Fast
  • Cost effective
  • Sharp and high quality
  • Flexible

Read the full article: What is Digital Print?

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Printed Marketing Materials – Leaflet Printing

Following on from ‘is digital print making a comeback,’ which physical products should business is looking to distribute via direct mail. There are several products that can be produce cheaply through digital and litho printing to either produce a great direct mail campaign or informative documents to send to your existing customers. In this article we look at leaflet printing and best practices to create leaflets for direct marketing.

leaflet printing

Why Print Leaflets?

Leaflets are a great way to market to your potential customers as long as it’s done right! With all types of printed product it’s important to get a good balance between the creative visual display and the actual content.

  • Take a consumer focused approach – research who your target market is and the audience that you would like to convert.
  • Make sure you don’t include too many words on the page, keep the copy concise and to the point making sure you have a clear call to action. Include all the contact details they need to encourage action.
  • Be consistent with your branding and communicate your brand image through the copy.
  • What makes your company different from the rest? Make sure your USP is well publicised.
  • Mention well known clients and include quotations
  • Address customers directly using terms like ‘you’ and ‘your’ and asking a rhetorical question.
  • Promotions, money off and discount with the leaflet (domino’s pizza style!)

Calls to action

Of all these issues, the call to action should be the most important feature of your leaflet or any other printed marketing materials. The leaflet should show a clear indication of what to do next – encouraging potential clients to take the next step. Creating awareness through great branding and visual aspects is great – but it’s important to turn that into new business, leads and sales.

Working with a partner

If you’re looking for large scale or bulk leaflet printing or other direct mail products, it’s important to forge partnerships with experience printing and mailing companies, who can provide advice, give you the best value and understand your needs. Some companies such as Orbital can even provide printing and mailing services through a mail house.

Printers can provide advice about everything from paper size and weight to which fonts to use. Get to know your printers early and take a trip to their premises to make sure all is running well. It’s also advisable to take into account the software you are using to make sure you’re using the same systems. Ask about their environmental impact also and use this fact on your leaflets – its good PR!

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Not For Profit Marketing

hr solutions

Advertising and marketing not for profit organisations

Advertising and marketing for not-for-profit organizations should involve promoting goodwill and showing an unselfish side of the organization. Charities and fund raisers for causes like overseas hunger crisis and cancer research don’t always promote their product in the same way as a commercial brand might.

The problem for charities and some not-for-profit organizations is that they are working in a very competitive environment. There is an ongoing uphill battle for charities and organizations to win over the hearts and minds of the general public or donations from corporations.

This is why it is very important for charities to make use of the same tools used by commercial organizations when marketing, advertising and trying to win over customers. Take any brand like BMW, Pepsi, Sony, Nike or Evian, like so many top brand names they will all make use of email mass marketing, powerful commercial television campaigns, and social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and public relations. You’ll see advertisements linked along side high traffic web sites and magazines in a spirited attempt to market and promote the wares it wants to sell to you. Charities and not-for-profit organizations must follow these same routes if it is to become successful.

However a charity is not a business so spending vast sums on advertising may impact too deeply on its efforts to raise money for the very cause it is trying to help. So how do not for profit organizations get round this area? It needs to be a case of winning the confidence and trust of those who regular donate, or may potentially give.

There are some charities that are involved in doing work that confuses potential donors and those who may want to give. The Salvation Army in the UK for instance looks after people who are homeless people and also helps out the poor, hungry and alcoholic members in our community. Help for Heroes is another not for profit organization that raises money for injured soldiers. It however has bolstered a powerful marketing campaign using Facebook and Twitter to highlight what it does and the way it has approach its need to raise funds.

For many charities, working a marketing strategy in the same way as corporate brands do is not always easy and often it cannot be applied. Charities and not for profit organizations must employ its members to talk to the general public about what it is that they do, how they do it and who exactly they are trying to help. This can either be done with a good in house marketing team or by using an external agency with not for profit marketing expertise.