Reducing Industrial Noise with GRP Housings

Industrial noise is still a big problem for industry in the UK and around the world but thanks to advancements in high-quality soundproofing materials, it’s now easier than ever to protect your employees from noise damage.

Industrial Noise

What is Industrial Noise?

Industrial noise is typically any noise that comes from work environments. It can include a number of things from equipment and machinery to general vehicle noise. If your employees have to shout to hear each other or use tools for more than 30 minutes a day, then it’s important to give them a quiet space to get away from noise during breaks.

Industrial noise can be incredibly loud and disruptive even from a distance, so may affect more than the immediate workforce and as such reducing noise levels at source is a key part of any businesses noise reduction strategy.

How Harmful is Industrial Noise?

The long-term effects of industrial noise are surprisingly harmful. Many workers find that after months or years of constant exposure, their hearing suffers significant and irreversible damage. It’s not always a quick or painful loss, which means the true effects can be masked for years.

work hearing loss

A Government study from 2016 revealed that over a three year period, around 62 workers out of 100,000 suffered from noise-induced hearing loss that dramatically affected their lives. In 2015 alone, there were one hundred new claims to the Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit scheme.

Whilst this figure is going down more still needs to be done to prevent full and semi hearing loss in industrial workers who have no choice but to be exposed to consistently loud machinery. Industrial noise doesn’t always just result in minor hearing loss, for some the effects can be permanently disabling.

How can GRP help to Prevent Industrial Noise?

While eliminating noise completely simply isn’t possible it can be significantly reduced. Aucostic glass reinforced plastic (GRP), can be used for housings, kiosks and enclosures and can minimise noise at source.

GRP offers superior acoustic protection compared to metal or standard plastic due to its multi-layer features. Depending on your needs, multiple layers of sound eliminating material can be added to GRP to achieve a preferred level of noise reduction.

Acoustic GRP Housings

Why Kingsley Plastics GRP Acoustic Enclosures?

Kingsley Plastics acoustic kiosks, enclosures and housings are highly suitable for preventing noise-related hearing damage in the workplace. All buildings can be crafted to meet the specific requirements of a business and come in modular form for easy encapsulation of even large structures.

All of our housings are tested to a high standard to ensure they meet UK regulations as well as customer needs. Our high-quality GRP has been used in a number of industries from construction to electricity and gas sectors.

Hearing loss from industrial noise is no joke for the people it affects, so don’t leave it to chance. Find out more about our designed to order GRP enclosures and how easy it is to prevent the risk of hearing loss and damage at your place of work.




Benefits of Fire Rated Industrial Housings and Kiosks

The dangers of workplace fires

The effects of fires in the workplace and in industry can be devastating especially if they are left for a prolonged period without intervention. Fires spread quickly and despite plenty of advice on how to protect yourself and your workplace from fire, accidents, malfunctions and vandalism can happen.

The 2015/2016 Government fire statistics show that building fires, (not including home dwellings) went up by 3%, whilst the total number of secondary fires in the UK went up by 7% during this period.

The total number of primary and secondary fires attended since the previous year had also gone up by 5% from 2014, making it more important than ever to fireproof your buildings and work sites no matter what industry you work in.

1 and 2 Hour Fire Protection

A key area to help improve fire protection is to use housings that are fire rated and there are regulations and standards to ensure industrial housing meets recommended fire protection levels.

However, Kingsley Plastics (KPL) has gone above and beyond in this area, cemented itself as a leader in fire rated GRP housings thanks to its meticulous and robust fire testing.

Fire Rated Housings and Enclosures

KPL is the first GRP manufacturer in the UK to have passed the required 60-minute fire test, meaning their housings have earned a certified approval for BS 476 Part 21 for load-bearing structures.

Why is this important? This certification means that the walls and roofs of our fire-proof GRP housings are guaranteed to maintain their integrity, even after this prolonged period of time. This structural integrity ensures that even if fires are left unattended for a period of time, they will not become a serious health and safety hazard.

This certification means that the walls and roofs of KPL’s fire-proof GRP housings are guaranteed to maintain their integrity, even after this prolonged period of time. This structural integrity ensures that even if fires are left unattended for a period of time, they will not become a serious health and safety hazard.

In addition to the above, each style of unit has been comprehensively tested for surface spread of flame and fire penetration to BS 476 parts 6, 7 and 12 plus. This ensures fire spread is kept to a minimum and that housings or kiosks will not become rapidly engulfed in flames, risking collapse.

All of KPL fire rated GRP kiosks and enclosures are specifically designed to keep fire dangers to a minimum, protecting your workforce, your site and anyone in the area.

fire rated kiosks

Customised Fire Rated Housings

Alongside this industry-leading fire prevention, every fire rated housing or kiosk from KPL can be fully customised to suit your business’s needs whatever your sector or global location either here in the UK or overseas.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Electrical
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Railway
  • Telecom
  • Engineering
  • Architecture

Fire-Rated Housing and Kiosk Customisation

  • Single/double entry fireproof doors
  • 30, 60 and 120 minute fireproofing options
  • Grills, vents and access panels/hatches
  • Safe, non-slip flooring
  • Complete end to ended design and manufacturing
  • A wide range of external finishes

Ensuring your place of work is highly protected against the dangers of fire needn’t be difficult or expensive. Fire rated GRP housings are affordable, delivered straight to your site and are easy to set up for protection against both fire-related accidents and vandalism.