Point of Origination Capture

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Capture documents from different locations using multiple devices

In today’s business environment, there are advantages to be gained from getting information into a business process as early as possible and from processing information in the least number of steps.

Whilst these many capture systems are very effective, they are generally based on a centralised production scanning or a “digital mailroom” operation model. This creates a delay in document accessiblity while you wait for it to be scanned onto the company system.

Advances in device technology combined with improvements in cloud-based services are now allowing organisations to extend the capture process beyond these centralised systems to the point where transactional documents originate, and this is termed point-of-origination capture.

What point of origin capture means for your organisation!

Customer-facing web portals – Rather than go through the process of preparing and submitting documents via the postal system with the inherent delay and risks, customers can link home scanners to the internet to submit documents via the organisation’s web portal.

Branch offices – Capture technology such as Kofax Front Office Server allows documents to be submitted to central back office processes via low-cost front office scanners, multifunction devices and fax machines. The user simply selects the appropriate button on the device to submit the documents to the correct business process, eliminating the cost and delay of document shipping.

Field-based operatives – Organisations can now leverage the advances in camera-enabled smartphone and tablet PC devices to allow field-based personnel or even customers themselves to capture and submit documents direct to processes. Typical examples are documents submitted by loss adjusters, healthcare and social workers or couriers, as well as expense receipts or personnel forms submitted by employees or trailing documents required to complete a mortgage application captured during a visit to the client.

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