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CRS are specialists in the production of mobile walk in cold rooms. From consultation and design all the way through to build and delivery – our cold bespoke cold rooms can be built to your exact needs. Our mobile A grade walk in cold rooms are available for rent, lease and purchase.

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Cold Storage in Labs and Pharmacys

pharmaceutical cold storage

pharma cold storage

Having the correct laboratory equipment can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to the preservation of pharmaceutical products. Perhaps the most important piece of equipment is the pharmaceutical cold stores in the lab or pharmacy. Experiments, vaccines and medicines are handled in tightly controlled environments. If the environment cannot be controlled then it will have an adverse effect of the final products and eventually, the health of whoever is using these products.

Which Type of Cold Storage is suitable?

Whilst conventional refrigerated containers are very useful, authorities have recognised that they are no longer suitable to store temperature sensitive products which can directly affect the health of consumers. Household fridges, commonly designed to store perishable foods like vegetables and meat are woefully inadequate for lab or pharmacy workers – proper pharmaceutical refrigeration is needed.

The scientific reason behind this is that vaccines, samples and other pharma products are effective because of the proteins in which they contain. Proteins called ‘enzymes’ – the same proteins responsible for every metabolic proccess in the human body – need to be kept in climate controlled conditions in order to keep them from ‘denaturing’ and changing shape which loses all functionality. Pharmacy fridges are essentially designed prolong its shelf life, along with any other substances that are unstable at room temperature.

Some argue that pharmaceutical cold storage is an unnecessary expense. However, this is not the case as the loss of one sample could lead to thousands of pounds worth of samples lost or wasted which could have been prevented with the installation of proper cold storage. Keeping pharma substances in appropriate cold storage can literally mean the different between a published essay and a loss of various limbs. As such cold storage to keep those substances in can be invaluable and will quickly pay back its initial costs several times over during the course of its service.

Features of Pharmaceutical cold storage

The selection of medical fridges is an essential component of a pharmacy or scienfic businesses success. There are specific features that need to be high on your list. For example, some cold storage providers such as CRS guarantee the first use of pharmacy fridges and other pharmaceutical cold stores. This was you can ensure that there will not be any contamination from the contents of previously populating the unit. Other features that need to be considered are advanced alarm systems, tighter climate control, faster temperature recovery and storage flexibility. Pharmacy fridges come in a range of shapes and varieties and can be adapted to fit any size and requirements.

CRS Cold Storage is a company operating in the UK and Ireland, dedicated to providing cold storage solutions nationally. CRS has a wide range of pharmaceutical cold stores containers available for purchase, rent or lease. Visit them at and decide for yourself whether CRS Cold Storage is for you.

What causes fish to spoil in cold storage?


Fish and seafood cold storage

Factors which limit the storage life of Fish

Fish cold storage is so important for preserving the freshness and longevity of fish and seafood products as they are notorious for having a very short spoiling time. There are several factors that contribute to the need for seafood cold storage. The length of time fish can be stored is also dependant on these factors and the conditions that fish is stored in.

Protein Changes

Storing fish in fish freezers causes fish proteins to become permanently altered. The rate at which these proteins denature is very dependent on temperature of the environment. If the seafood product is stored close to freezing point -2 degrees Celsius for example, significant changes can occur every quickly. Even dropping the temperature to -10 degrees Celsius would could a rapid change the structure of the fish proteins within a few weeks of storage.

As with all proteins and biological activity, the rate of deterioration can be reduced by placing the fish in temperatures as low as possible. Some fish freezers actually operate at temperatures of -35 °C which is a great way of slowing down the metabolic processes in seafood products.

Fat Changes

Certain fish products contain many fats, the physical structure of which can be ruined during the cold storage of these products. This can be prevented by either glazing the fish or wrapping the fish in specific way. Fish can wrapped in plastic bags or aluminium foil. It is preferable that the seafood products are sealed in vacuum conditions as contact with air will cause deterioration through oxidation. Oxidation is faster in warmer temperatures so storing in this way will reduce the rate of spoiling.

Colour Changes

The final fish product is most often judged by appearance as first impressions are everything in food preparation. Fish will naturally change colour after the product is caught and begins to spoil. Fish cold storage can prevent colour changes.

Water Content Changes

Dehydration is quite possible the biggest concern when it comes to fish cold storage. When fish gets badly hydrated in cold storage units, the fish dries up and the surface becomes opaque and spongy. The longer you store the fish, the deeper this penetrates the worse, the dehydration becomes and the “freezer burn.” Drying also speeds up the denaturing of the proteins.

Keep these biological aspects in mind when freezing fish or seafood products to slow down the metabolic processes as much as possible to get fresher fish for longer. CRS provide fish and seafood cold storage solutions such as fish freezers designed to preserve fish products for as long as possible to provide the best end product. Visit for more information.

Cold Storage In Industry

Meat Cold Storage

Cold storage is a very valued solution when working with perishable items like food or pharmaceuticals and is commonly used in a range of commercial industries to extend the life of non-perishable items such as soft drinks or sealed goods. Cold storage containers also offer a secondary benefit by providing a controlled environment for factors such as humidity, which often cause problems in industrial assembly line processes such as assembly of parts using certain types of adhesives.

Food grade cold storage facilities most often handle goods for grocery stores which require either commercial freezing or bulk chilling, and restaurants or similar catering facilities will use walk-in cold rooms or freezers to extend the shelf life of meat, fish, dairy products and other spoilable goods.

The vast majority of cold store systems work using refrigeration processes, which means heat is removed from the container using chemical or mechanical means. Some industrial cold storage rooms are used in factories to liquefy gases such as propane or methane, or in the refinement and storage of petroleum oil.

Some specialist companies provide mobile cold storage solutions in the form of adapted shipping containers; these portable blast freezers or refrigerated containers are weatherproof and incredibly useful for expanding the cold storage capacity of a business without needing planning permission or compromising existing internal warehouse space.

The ability to rent cold storage containers is also very useful to companies who need to expand their capacity short term, for instance for a move, defrost or clean-down, or those who need extended capacity but do not want the sudden enormous overhead of purchasing a new blast freezer or cold store, and are reluctant to outsource. Keeping cold storage in-house allows for maximum stock efficiency and good production control by eliminating the need for rapid perishable product turnover. This is particularly useful for inventory and purchasing workers who need storage facilities operating at top efficiency.

Expert suppliers such as CRS Cold Storage provide portable cold storage solutions which can be hired or leased as well as purchased, and also include a full service and maintenance agreement which helps businesses to minimise their costs by knowing their refrigerated storage is being taken care of by professional engineers. Visit their UK website at to learn more.