Making Direct Mail Services Work for the Small Business Owner

Make direct mail services work for you.

It is often said that first impressions are the most lasting. For example if you run into a person who, upon first meeting, was surly and rude, you’d probably think that they’re of that mood near enough all the time. The same is also true of businesses, and the first impressions potential customers receive of them will influence their attitude for a long time. As such, ensuring that any advertising you do for your company gets the right impression across the first time around deserves a fair amount of thought and effort. Direct mail services, in which advertising is directly mailed to homes in a bid to increase awareness, is no different to this enterprise.

direct mail services

direct mail services

As with most advertising, you only have a single chance to get your first impression across quickly and effectively. The major disadvantage behind direct mail services is that people are very quick to throw advertising away as junk mail. So those first few seconds of attention are essential.

If it helps, think of your mail advertising as being like an applicant at a job interview. Your impressions of that applicant will be made within the first minute of them walking through the door, such as the manner of their dress, their speech, their behaviour and their body language. A similar principle applies to consumers and advertising.

First to consider is the material of your flyers and brochures. If a flyer that slips through the door has been cheaply printed on poor-quality paper, with a limited, unimaginative and cluttered layout and design, it will go in the bin. That sort of thing works for a local church jumble sale or a school charity bake off, but it won’t work for a professional business. Make sure you use glossy, high-quality paper, high-quality printing, and an eye catching and professional design.

Also make sure that your brochures are simple and get their point across quickly. With direct mail services, you only have one chance to convert a potential consumer. You need to tell them what you’re offering and why they should be interested at a single glance. Make sure you place the important part of your message at the top of the page, make sure it’s bold and clear, make sure it gets all important information out within two or three lines.

Another way to try and secure further interest is to include free samples, if you can actually offer that. This is an advantage only available to direct mail service advertising. It’s rather hard to offer free samples over the TV or on a bill board. And people like free stuff, after all, and are less likely to throw away something they’ve received for no payment. It also allows people to see the proof in the pudding. Nothing quite demonstrates the quality of your products than the products themselves.

A final way to get the most out of your direct mail advertising, quite simply, is to not give up if it does not immediately net you sales. Sometimes failure is not because of the advertising itself, but something more basic such as a small but vital flaw that prevented the advertising from working, or perhaps the campaign not reaching enough people. Experiment with your campaign and try to look into new avenues, and sure enough you’ll see the effects for yourself. For more information about direct mail, visit Orbital Mailing here.


How can you use short run printing for great printing?

printing in kent

Marketing is vitally important for all businesses to improve brand awareness, retain the existing customers and keep the new customers coming in. This is even more important for new businesses when starting up to generate customer interest and importantly sales. There are plenty of different marketing techniques that can be used to boost brand awareness. So why use short run printing? Find out here at B2B source. 

Smoke Ventilation – Simply saving lives


smoke venting

When it comes to fire, we automatically think that the actual fire is the most dangerous. In fact its the toxic fumes that we inhale which are caused by the flames that account for the highest the number of human casualties.

Are you planning a large construction project? Whether you plan to build a warehouse or a block of flats you need to know the ins and outs of smoke venting and fire safety. Find out more information here at B2B Source. Alternatively visit Fire Design Solutions. 


Anti Vandal GRP and Substations

GRP Substation

Highlands Wind Farm Substation

Substations are a common occurrence around the UK and range from the very large to the very small.  They are used where electricity lines are connected and switched and where the voltage is changed by transformers.

While substations are an important part of our power network they sadly are often at risk from vandalism, which not only causes harm to the network, but also could put the vandals and others lives at risk.

While security measures like patrols are helpful in preventing the problem it is very important for substations to be protected from vandals.

Security Rated GRP Housing & Enclosures for Substations

GRP makes a great product for use with substations due to its non-conductive properties and flexibility allowing it to be custom moulded to fit difficult spaces. It is also highly resistance to environmental extremes and requires very little maintenance plus it has a much longer life span compared to a variety of construction materials.

Kingsley Plastics produce a range of GRP enclosures and housings suitable for use with substations that have passed a series of tests conducted by BRE Global Limited to LPS1175 – SR2/3/4 giving them full security rated specifications.

SR2 & SR3 approval also covers the following features:

  • Smooth Moulded Semi-Gloss External Finish
  • Simulated Brick, Stone & Pebbledash Finishes
  • Anti-Vandal Textured external Finish
  • Any Colour to BS4800 or RAL Range of Colours
  • Security Rated Vent Grills
  • Cat-Flap Options
  • Fixed or Removable Roof Variants
  • Internal or External Bolting Down Options

Additional GRP housing and enclosure variations include:

  • Fixed or Removable Roofs
  • Flat, Pitched or Hipped Roofs
  • Slate or Tile Effect Roofs
  • Multiple Door Options Including Single & Double GRP Doors
  • Standalone GRP Single Doors To SR2 & SR3
  • Standalone GRP Double Doors To SR2 & SR3
  • Single & Double SR4 Door Sets with above height transoms
  • One-Piece Housings With No Connecting Panels Whatsoever
  • Flat-Pack Delivery Options For Remote Site Access Situations
  • Panel Form Enclosures For Assembly Upon Site
  • Trained Site Installation Teams Available On Day Rates or Unit Rates

For more information on Kingsley Plastics wide range of security rated GRP products visit