Metal Angles and Their Uses In Your Domestic DIY Projects

When you get down to it, metal angles are bloody useful things to have. They can be used not only for their intended purpose of reinforcing the structural integrity of your home, but can also be used to make a wide range of things. Bed frames, shelves, storage racks, tables, and so and so forth. As such, it may useful to you to know just how to make the most out of your iron angles and put them to the best possible use when redecorating your home.

metal angles

Metal angles resemble strips of metal have been bent in the middle at a 90° angle, and if flattened out are generally about 2” across or more depending on their exact width. The bend is actually essential in providing for the angle’s tensile strength — it doubles the surface area dedicated to supporting weight. It’d take a lot of force to get the iron angle to bend, thus making it ideal as a weight-bearing structure in any project you choose to undertake. Iron angles, despite their name, can also be made of a number of metals, including brass, stainless steel and titanium. This gives you a broad range of options for you designs. It also allows you some measure of leeway with designs and decoration — you can easily use brass metal angles to give your tables a warmer, more pseudo-Victorian look, for example.

You can adjust metal angles and drill into them using a variety of power tools, although an angle grinder or a power hacksaw are needed if you wish to make angled cuts. This again adds to the iron angle’s versatility.

Joining iron angles can be achieved either through welding, or by drilling through them and attaching them through bolts. Welding is quick and painless, the results of which are usually unnoticeable too all but close inspection. Cracks can be seamlessly filled with weld. Bolting is viable, but it results in a less stable structure. Where possible, weld your metal angles, and where possible, use an arc welder.

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Sales and Operations Planning Advice


Also known as S&OP, it is possible to hire consultants who can help you with Sales and Operations Planning to make sure that your business can improve your finances, customer services and efficiency. 

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Stand out with creative meetings

What is creativity? By definition it is the use of original ideas and a broad imagination to think of something new and a little outside of the box. Creativity has been the reason behind many of the most successful concepts, products and ways of working. Stepping away from the ‘normal’ and choosing to do something that is a little more creative can set any company apart from the majority – making them a first choice company to work with.


Client introductions and meetings over coffee or a nice three course dinner are exactly that – ‘nice’. Whilst a great way to talk to clients on a more personal level, the concept is old and can become a little boring. It also does not offer a relaxed atmosphere which may make it harder to build working relations from.

Creative meetings such as corporate cooking events could provide a unique alternative to a meeting over lunch – offering the perfect opportunity to interact more with the client. In these creative meetings, the emphasis is on relaxing and having fun rather than ‘office talk’ which may help break the ice with clients and make them feel more at ease. This is a great first step when thinking of a long term business relationship. These creative meetings, such as those hosted by Venturi’s Table, do not make you slave over a hot stove to create a meal, but instead give you the opportunity sample different ingredients and create a meal that the whole team can enjoy together. Over a glass of wine, you and your clients can then sit down and tuck into your creations. Creative meetings are a completely new and more exciting way to build a better relationships with clients, enabling you to ‘mingle’ more within a relaxed and unforced environment.

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Metal Angles: Just What are They and What do They Do?

While perusing the local DIY hardware store, pondering new additions to your home decoration products, you may have encountered in certain sections long strips of metal angles. Unfortunately the big disadvantage with walking into hardware stores is that they rather assume that you already know what everything is and how it’s used. You can always ask staff at the store, but some of us are shy, and the staff may not always have the answers either.

So what are those metal angles and what are they used for?

Their actual name is angle iron or angle rod, as you may already have gleaned from signs or price tags. Simple put, they are a thin rod of metal that you attach to external corners, steps or any other such protrusions in order to keep them protected from damage. They come in a variety of forms and materials and can be attached in a number of ways, but they all fundamentally carry the same purpose. In attaching angle irons to your corners, you can stop them from becoming marked or chipped during day-to-day activity. It also provides additional structural support.

metal angle

Angle irons can also be used to protect table corner edges. This is especially useful in work areas, such as woodworking workshops or kitchens, were there are lots of sharp, edges tools to damage tables with. Such protection can increase a table’s lifespan by decades.

To a more niche extent, you can also see metal angles being used in the construction of skate parks. The design of angle irons allows for skateboarders to skid along the length of the bar using the axels of their boards, a technique referred to as grinding. There are a variety of other uses that an angle iron can be put to as well.

If you are worried about metal angles ruining the look of your home, then fear not. Metal angles are installed on corners, using pins, nails, adhesive or a mixture of these things, and then plastered and painted/covered over. If they’re on the stairs, you can easily cover them over with carpeting or, again, with plaster. These allow your corners and stairs to be better protected without having unsightly metal angles ruining your home’s decoration.

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What is Litho Printing?

Litho Printing is a separate type of printing from Digital Printing. Offered by some major printing companies like Orbital Print, Litho Printing uses a variety of stencils and intermediates to transfer the ink onto the printing paper, whereas digital printing will just directly apply the ink to the paper via inkjet or laser.

A recent article from B2B source asks:

  • What does litho printing involve?
  • When is litho printing used?
  • Who are the best Litho Printing suppliers

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For more information about Litho Printing services: See Orbital Print here.

Team-Building Event Kitchen Hire Activities and Ideas

Hiring a kitchen for the purpose of team building is a tried and true practise. After all, everyone loves food and nothing brings people together than an enthusiastic appreciation for cooking. Team-building event kitchen hire, however, requires some level of structure, and it is essential to know what exactly everyone should be doing before throwing them all their toques and ladles. So, listed below, are some activities to help you all get started.

team building event

Create a Personal Crepe

Gather some ingredients to make a wide variety of crepes — from fruits, to creams, to chocolates and confectionery. Gather everyone around ask them, in secret to create a crepe that is unique to them in some way, whether because it’s their favourite thing to eat or because it represents them on a certain level. Cover these crepes in identical coverings and share them out amongst the others, challenging them to guess who made what.

A variant could also be for everyone to write their name onto a slip of paper and place them a hat. Jumble them, and ask everyone to retrieve a name. That person must then make a crepe they think best sums up that person, and try to guess which crepe represents them.

Toss the Pizza

Here’s a fun event, although one that could be potentially messy. Roll out some pizza dough and get it into a fairly flat disc shape. Now, get everyone to flatten the dough further by carefully tossing it to each other around a circle. Make sure everyone within the event kitchen hire has clean hands, and also keep some spare dough balls to one side for accidents.

“Ooh! My Favourite!”

In secret, get everyone taking part in the event kitchen hire to write down their favourite meals just before the event takes place. Get the ingredients for them, scaled down if necessary, and assign the meals randomly to other people. Get those people to prepare those meals to be shared amongst the group.

Around the World in 8 Dishes

Assign each person, or team, a country before the team-building event kitchen hire. That person or team must then prepare a single dish from that country for everyone else.

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