Aluminium Sheeting

Aluminium is a very commonly used metal in many industries, from construction to manufacturing, from technology to overhead power cables. With its glossy look to it, its low density, and easy malleability, aluminium is proving very popular with designers and inventors who want to use it to make innovative products, especially in the technological market.

aluminium sheeting

aluminium sheeting

A very easy way in which you can buy Aluminium is through a metal distributor, many of which are available on the Internet, where you can buy from a vast selection of metals and then buy from a vast selection of forms of metals, like hexagonal bars, sheeting, blocks or plates. One of these metal distributing businesses is Click Metal, which can supply many types of metal in many different forms to their customers. Aluminium sheeting is one of the products they offer, and in order to make using the metal much easier and more efficient, you can specify (to a limited size) the exact dimensions, (give or take 2 millimetres) that you want your Aluminium Sheeting to be cut to. You can also specify the thickness of the Aluminium sheeting you want, in order to make sure you can mould it properly into the objects you’re making with greater ease.

Should you feel the need to, it is also possible to buy many other types of metal in the sheet form. Aluminium is often sold in sheets, but so is brass, because although being slightly stronger than Aluminium at the same dimensions, brass is still very malleable and easy to create new shapes with. The same applies for stainless steel, another metal that is commonly bought in sheets like Aluminium Sheeting.

You can buy Aluminium Sheeting from Click Metal, which is an online distributor of metals for use across many different markets.


What English Language Summer Courses Can Offer You!

As one of the most widely spoken languages on Earth, English has become a language of trade, commerce and cultural exchange. For this reason it has become a popular second language for people around the globe who want to connect with people from other countries. Many ways to learn the English language are pursued, and English language summer courses have been found to be one of the most effective means of learning English as a second language.

English Language Summer Courses

English Language Summer Courses

An English language summer course is basically a period wherein the student stays in England for a period of four to eight weeks, during which he is taught English. The idea is that, by living and studying in an English-speaking country, a student is more able to listen to and practise conversing in English with native speakers. The result is a more natural and intuitive grasp of the language, and the ability to remember what they learn more readily. It also gives the student an opportunity to learn English as it is actually spoken in day-to-day life, rather than a text-book version. This makes conversations easier to understand and more natural.

Besides from the vocational benefits, taking a summer course in England also offers great personal experiences. While the student is indeed supposed to be studying, a summer in England offers many chances to enjoy oneself. As a student you’d be encouraged to take part in English culture, such as visiting historical landmarks, attending theatres, reading literature and watching English TV. Indeed half the course is about going out and socialising with the English in their world. This allows plenty of opportunities for memorable experiences, as well as the chance to make lasting friendships.

There are also other benefits to learning a second language. It improves confidence, as it allows you to engage with people in an unfamiliar culture. It also improves one’s intelligence, as it actively stimulates certain regions in the brain that help you retain information and memorise it. Learning English also allows you to learn other languages later on, as you apply the strategies and techniques you spent learning it to other languages, or make connections between shared words and grammatical rules.

For further information about English language summer courses, or to apply for one this summer, visit the website of Concorde International, an English language school based in the historic city of Canterbury in southern England.

Warehouse Consulting and How It can Help You

warehouse consulting

Managing a warehouse can be a lot of work. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of individual problems and details that need to be addressed and overcome, many of which can slow down operations for hours. Days in worst case scenarios. Such delays and mistakes cost money, and in an economy barely recovering from a recession such costs are not affordable…

This article from B2B source explains the benefits of warehouse consultancy

Cross-Departmental S & OP Issues

Sales and Operations Planning (S & OP) is a simple business system: look ahead and plan accordingly.  The complexity comes in as planning requires cross-departmental cooperation and support. When conflicts arise it can be a serious set back.

Sales and Operations Planning (S & OP)

Do you have Cross-Departmental issues with your Sales and Operations Planning

For example:

  • Demand Forecasting requires input from Sales and Marketing departments
  • Capacity planning involves Operations
  • Ordering on suppliers involves Purchasing & Financial Planning
  • Reaching a consensus forecast requires agreement from all of them

Sales and Operations Planning seems to be one of the most difficult business disciplines to make stick, especially in medium sized organisations.

However effective S&OP joins up your organisation to ensure that customer service levels are maintained, while inventories and plant capacity are optimised a key requirement of business success, so it’s worth the effort to make it work.

For independent help and support in sales and operations planning talk to Total Logistics the complete supply chain consultancy

Reasons to head to the Self Publishing Conference 2014

The book team from Orbital Print will be heading off to the self publishing conference in Leicester 2014. As one of the few book printing companies attending, its a great opportunity to gain access to great suppliers and contacts. You can:

  • Meet enthusiastic self-published authors
  • Network with specialists in the field of self-publishing
  • Attend Specialist industry talks
  • Hear industry views on the next big thing(s!) in self-publishing

self publishing

Find our more about the event here

If your interested in Book printing, visit the Orbital Print website here.

Team building cooking London

A team with good working relations makes for a more efficient team which can ultimately improve performance, making targets more attainable. A good working relationship can only be achieved when there is an understanding of individual skills, emotions and personalities which can often take a long time to appreciate especially in the confines of the office. With office pressures including heavy workloads, there is often little time for personal interaction between co-workers, making it more difficult to more personal relations to be fostered. Team building exercises away from the office are a great chance for teams to become stronger.

team buildingTeam building activities give the opportunity for departmental teams to work together outside of the office environment. This could be anything from a team sports day, quizzes and other problem solving games. The main principle is that the team must work together, utilising individual skills, to complete the task. Team building exercises are a great way for teams to bond and work collaboratively – especially when pursuing and end incentive! This new appreciation of an individual can then be taken back to the office environment, where a team can then work interdependently together.

Team building cooking sessions is a great way for a team to better connect outside of the office. With companies such as Venturi’s Table offering team building cooking in London, taking a day trip away from the office could be just what a team needs to really get to known each other better. Team building cooking in London offers a half-day session – whether that be over the lunch period or into the evening – where the team must work together to produce a meal for the whole group to the sit down and enjoy after. The team can be split up into smaller groups to make the different components of the meal which can give everyone a chance to talk to a colleague that they may not necessarily work with directly. This interaction and new found understanding of individuals within the team can then be taken back to the office to reap the benefits of positive teamwork.

For those looking for an alternatively team building day out and are looking to try team building cooking in London, please call a member of the team at Venturi’s Table on 020 8875 7488. They will be able to give you better idea of what you can expect from the team building cooking day and will be able to answer any queries that you may have. Alternatively, you can visit the company’s website to find out full details of the cooking classes available in London.