Metal Angles and How to Keep them Clean and Protected

Like all other objects of that material, metal angles are prone to a number of ailments as it goes through its service, depending on the exact composition and type of metal used in its manufacture. In some cases the ailment is rust, which is typical with pure iron metal angles, or else with staining and general dirt. In other cases the damage may be more corrosive in nature, especially in industrial settings where there is a greater chance of metals coming into contact with acidic or alkaline liquids.

Metal Angles

In general the best way to protect your metal angles is to keep them a thin layer between them and anything that may damage them. The cheapest and most common method is to apply a coat of paint to them, if the situation allows for it, which also has the added bonus of making them look a little more cheerful. The paint, which you should check to make sure it’s safe to use on metals, will keep air, water and other substances from coming into contact and reacting with the metal. However paint is not the most durable of substances, and can easily be scraped off. This means angles used in areas with heavy traffic will probably lose much of its coating with time.

Oil is another option to use, which again provides an air-tight layer that protects your metal. Some oils are also relatively water proof, which allows them to better withstand the elements. However oil is even less durable than paint, and as such you’ll need to apply a fresh layer every couple of days or so.

Entropy is very much a constant thorn in your side. You can never protect your metals indefinitely, not unless they are in an extremely isolated, dry and warm area. So what do you do when you encounter rust or stains?

Metal angles, by virtue of being metal, can easily be cleaned through a number of simple methods. The easiest is to simply apply a spray of WD-40 and gently rub it down with some wet and dry. For light to moderate cases of rust, with the latter requiring a bit of elbow grease, the damage can easily be removed and the metal restored to a fairly nice sheen. Cases of heavy rust can be removed by applying malt vinegar or some Coca Cola to the affected area, the liquids being able to quickly break down the iron-oxide and allow you to remove the rest with the previous method.

Stains are a little tricky. It’s recommended that you was the metal angle down first with some warm, soapy water and scrub away the worst of the substance first with a cloth. Dry it clean with a dry cloth and try to get the surface as smooth and clean as possible. Once done, apply a layer of polish or WD-40 and rub down with another clean rag. This should remove the worst of the stain and help keep the metal angle well maintained.

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printers in kent exhibition

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