Rapid Ecommerce growth causes rise in warehouse rental rates

ecommerce fulfilmentThe rise in eCommerce has lead to an increase in demand for warehousing space, according to the Financial times. The warehousing industry was quite severely affected by the global financial financial crisis – the rise in eCommerce has helped the industry to get back on track. We can we expect from eCommerce companies?

  • Rise in ecommerce fulfilment outsourcing – There are several ecommerce fulfilment companies who offer order processing services to ensure the efficient delivery of goods ordered online. 
  • Investing in new warehouses –  logistics consultants believe it is hard to adjust existing warehouses which are deemed as old fashioned. New warehouses must be built to cater for smaller orders.
  • Increase in demand for ecommerce marketing and web development – The success of an ecommerce operation often boils down to how well the ecommerce website is built, maintained and marketed

Does this mean the end of bricks and mortar operations? Many believe that the nature of the two channels (online and bricks and mortar) is different and one often complements the other. To find out how, read the full article – Rapid Ecommerce growth causes rise in warehouse rental rates

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Mobile apps for medical marketing?

With the emergence of smart phones and tablets, we are constantly reaching new heights in technology. With this change in technology, there has been a change in the way medical businesses found new frontiers in pharma marketing and communication between themselves and their patients. Could mobile apps be a great way to reach your target audience in the healthcare sector?


  • By providing your patients with an application with which they can be contacted and kept informed of recent developments in both their medical practice
  • The effects are also two-ways; just as you can keep in contact with your patients and other medical establishments, so too can they keep in contact with you.
  • The Royal Ottawa Healthcare Group (the Royal), has launched a new mobile app so that it may assist personnel within the Canadian Armed Forces and Royal Canadian Mounted Police with operational stress injuries
  • As well as being able to provide quick and easy advice for personnel at home or while out on duty, it can also do so anonymously and without stigma
  • Healthcare specialists should always be able and willing to provide quick and easy information and advice in cases of crisis
  • This will strengthen the rapport between them and their healthcare professionals. 

Read the full article at: www.b2bsource.co.uk/products/mobile-medical-marketing.html

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Using Digital Print for Direct Mail

When approaching your direct mail campaign, many will ask whether the quality of direct mail makes much of a difference. Here are a few things to consider.

 direct mail

Direct mail is meant to seize your attention:

  • All direct mail campaigns should be designed to be eye catching
  • According to leading Uk direct mail provider Orbital mailing, the mail has just 3.8 seconds to grab your recipients attention
  • This means the quality of the print (colours and images) will be noticed wedged between your electricity bills and bank statements.

Creating relevant content for the recipient:

  •  This is largely down the copy and choice of wording and imagery; however, personalisation using high quality printing can be the key to this
  • With personalisation, direct mail immediately feels more relevant to us personally
  • This again is something can be achieved through the use of digital printing.

 Providing a return on investment:

  • Digital print can help keep the costs low
  •  Banners, ads, emails and tweets all come and go while print is permanent and physical.
  • This goes a long way towards conversions and is the reason why  the quality of the print must be of the highest standard.

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