3 Areas for Managing Successful Global Supply Chains

If you are growing your business internationally there is likely to be some key obvious requirements and changes your organisation will need to go through including a larger facility, more staff, increased marketing plus more overseas business trips.

global supply chains

Global Supply Chains

As well as these obvious changes there are some more hidden internal changes that need to take place and one key area in your supply chains. Your success as an international business will rely heavily on keeping pace with your supply chains.

The following are a few tips for developing successful global supply chains:

Gain local insights through local knowledge

local supply chain knowledgeFinding local partners that have a deep and full understanding of the local markets will be key to developing your brand internationally.

The right local support can help you in many key business areas from finding the right suppliers, transport links, business consultant and negotiating legal and tax requirements.

Investing in the right IT solutions

supply chain IT solutionsYou simply can’t be everywhere at once so having access to accurate data is going to be key in controlling your global supply. From budget numbers to operational goals, having the right data at your figure tips will make all the difference.

The right supply chain software platform is ensure you stay on track and can also cut costs, support growth, and increase your return on investment.

Value and diversify suppliers to reduce risk

global supplierHaving a great relationship with your global supply chain partners really makes for a much smoother ride for everyone including better negotiations, production and delivery.

As well as developing positive supplier relationships it is also a good idea to follow the proverb of not putting all your eggs in one basket by having a number of suppliers to reduce your supply chain risk.

Developing your business internationally can bring great benefits as well as challenges, but with the right partners and supporting systems you will find developing globally much easier.

Total Logistics are independent supply chain consultants operating logistics and supply chain projects all over the world. They are perfectly positioned to help business expand their operations into global markets for more information visit http://www.total-logistics.com/


Uses for Aluminium Extrusions in Vehicles

There are many uses for a wide range of extrusions and metal mouldings of aluminium, in particularly when the situation needs a strong tensile strength with an extent of flexibility and more importantly, the minimum potential weight. Many manufactures are using aluminium extrusions in demanding structural applications as they provide the needed functionality without compromising on strength and weight.

Aluminium is fantastic for creating complex parts with many features at a lower cost with easier assembly. Sunroof channels are one product that benefit heavily from the use of aluminium. This is due to sunroof channels forming part of a sliding system that needs smooth and low friction surfaces which are hard wearing.

To achieve these high features, manufacturers use mill-products extensions with a meticulous high quality surface finish which is produced through close tooling and process control. The majority of extrusions are anodised which places a layer of aluminium oxide on the surface of the aluminium which is harder than the metal alloy itself.

Another product that uses aluminium heavily is roof rails. Aluminium is used to make it look aesthetically pleasing without adding extra weight to the vehicle. Like with the sunroof channels, the aluminium used in the roof rails form components of a multi-part assembly which makes consistency and yield stresses a top priority for manufacturers a possibility.

In most vehicles, side intrusion beams are now expected to be fitted as a standard safety feature. Aluminium is often used as the material allows for the extra safety features without the added weight which could be detrimental to the design and performance of the vehicle.

Aluminium’s ability to absorb energy, which is greater than steel, is showcased brilliantly by crushed cans. The manufacturing of a simple section with high extrusion throughputs and material recovery rates produces a structure which will collapse in a controlled manner, this means that it gives the maximum possible energy absorption rate for maximum safety to the occupants of the vehicles.

It is not always practical for people to obtain custom aluminium moulding for personal or small workshop projects , you can take advantage of specialist metal cutting services which then allows you to purchase metal components and extrusions in a range of commonly used shapes and alloys. Stores like www.clickmetals.co.uk are invaluable to such hobbyist or small business hobbyists or small businesses. Many offer free shipping on bulk orders over a given value which offers additional benefits for combining orders with other local enthusiasts or joining together to form hobby clubs for larger projects.

What not to do with online marketing Link Building

Inbound links to a website have been an important part of online marketing since page rank was first introduced by Google in 1998. Over the years there have been many changes to the way this can be done from the “grab all you can get” approach to today where you have to be more sensible and sustainable with your link building. It is now more about quality over quantity.

It is important to stay clear of shortcuts and instead be natural about the ways you link build for your site.  Take a look at some of our top tips:

Link exchange and reciprocal links are seen today as being pretty useless- only trading links between websites died out years ago and hubs of sites that are looking to swap- these are long dead.  In fact even mentioning the term “link exchange” on your site in a positive light is likely to get you a penalisation slap from a Google policing algorithm, so watch out.

Webrings are similar to link exchanges but involve more than two sites. They work like a little “club” of sites that are broadly associated by a topic who all link to each other. These should try to be avoided.

Paid links come in many different forms, from paid directories to link exchanges and even article placements. Don’t touch them unless you’re purely buying advertising space – and if you are, make sure the ads are clearly marked as paid ads or sponsored links so real users know what they’re clicking on.

Comment spamming is when you put comments onto forums or blog posts just to get a link back to your website. A lot of cheap and nasty so-called SEO firms make use of scraper software and automated tools to do this, but it is actually very harmful to your SEO as well as your general online marketing.

Link farms are websites set up to link back to websites that want to rank better. Make sure that if you create a site like this to support another you need to make sure it is actually valuable. .You do not want people to think of your website as a nasty spam generator?

Google and other search engines are becoming increasingly paranoid and strict when it comes to link building practices – making use of illegitimate techniques and “black hat” exploits will not only fail to do your site any good, but can actually do it a lot of harm. Make use of the new link disavow tool to correct mistakes, and if in doubt keep your eyes open for an experienced online marketing agency like ExtraDigital who can help you to develop your SEO in a strategic, sustainable and above all safe way. 

Large Bespoke Cold Rooms from CRS

Are you looking for large cold rooms for long term hire of purchase?

CRS are specialists in the production of mobile walk in cold rooms. From consultation and design all the way through to build and delivery – our cold bespoke cold rooms can be built to your exact needs. Our mobile A grade walk in cold rooms are available for rent, lease and purchase.

For more information about cold storage visit the experts at www.crscoldstorage.co.uk

Printed Marketing Materials – Leaflet Printing

Following on from ‘is digital print making a comeback,’ which physical products should business is looking to distribute via direct mail. There are several products that can be produce cheaply through digital and litho printing to either produce a great direct mail campaign or informative documents to send to your existing customers. In this article we look at leaflet printing and best practices to create leaflets for direct marketing.

leaflet printing

Why Print Leaflets?

Leaflets are a great way to market to your potential customers as long as it’s done right! With all types of printed product it’s important to get a good balance between the creative visual display and the actual content.

  • Take a consumer focused approach – research who your target market is and the audience that you would like to convert.
  • Make sure you don’t include too many words on the page, keep the copy concise and to the point making sure you have a clear call to action. Include all the contact details they need to encourage action.
  • Be consistent with your branding and communicate your brand image through the copy.
  • What makes your company different from the rest? Make sure your USP is well publicised.
  • Mention well known clients and include quotations
  • Address customers directly using terms like ‘you’ and ‘your’ and asking a rhetorical question.
  • Promotions, money off and discount with the leaflet (domino’s pizza style!)

Calls to action

Of all these issues, the call to action should be the most important feature of your leaflet or any other printed marketing materials. The leaflet should show a clear indication of what to do next – encouraging potential clients to take the next step. Creating awareness through great branding and visual aspects is great – but it’s important to turn that into new business, leads and sales.

Working with a partner

If you’re looking for large scale or bulk leaflet printing or other direct mail products, it’s important to forge partnerships with experience printing and mailing companies, who can provide advice, give you the best value and understand your needs. Some companies such as Orbital can even provide printing and mailing services through a mail house.

Printers can provide advice about everything from paper size and weight to which fonts to use. Get to know your printers early and take a trip to their premises to make sure all is running well. It’s also advisable to take into account the software you are using to make sure you’re using the same systems. Ask about their environmental impact also and use this fact on your leaflets – its good PR!

For more information, visit Digital Printers in Kent Orbital Print!

Visit to Orbital Print

Orbital Print – Digital Printers in Sittingbourne!

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One of the most satisfying things to do as a group is to organise a visit to a place of mutual interest, and so, when Peter Apps suggested he arrange a visit to Orbital Print in Sittingbourne, we gathered a group and arrived ready to be educated.  It was worth the effort.

Orbital Print are part of a large operation that deals with all kinds of printing solutions including a lithograph printing operation at Ashford.  At Sittingbourne there is a digital printing operation which serves authors with an excellent short run – and longer – productions.   We arrived, gathered, donned orange safety jackets, had pictures taken and then followed our host, Oliver Kleinman, through the factory to the small but busy operations room.  There we saw a huge Xerox printing machine happily burbling away.

We were offered and served tea, coffee, juices and some snacks, and then treated…

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Direct Mail Statistics in 2013

direct mailDirect Mail still shows a great return on investment although this varies from business to business. It’s reported that as much as 48% of the UK population respond to a piece of direct mail they received in the past 12 months.

This is a somewhat surprising as digital means such as Facebook advertising and email marketing have taken the limelight in recent years. However, direct mail has made a bit of a comeback of late as consumers tighten their email settings to reduce the mounds of spam they receive. The physical and personal nature of direct mail has not been able to be replicated email and social marketing – direct mail still maintains a good share of the marketing in this regard.

Read about the constant battled between direct mail and email marketing at Articles base.

As recorded by Central Mail, statistics show that:

  • 62% of people like to receive mail telling them about new offers
  • 70% of people welcome mail that rewards their loyalty
  • 56% of people welcome mail that gives them useful information
  • Direct Mail activity delivered the strongest return with an ROI of £4.60
  • 77% of consumers like being informed of special offers via the mail

Age trends

The general trend shows that the older the recipient, the more responsive to direct mail the recipient is. For example, those between 16-24 years old had a response rate of 23% with those over 65 seeing response rates of 92%. Marketers should bear this in mind when targeting a particular age group as responses will vary!

Direct mail Vs Email

The statistics show that the debate between these two methods of advertising continues. Direct mail is considered to give a better impression of a company and gives off a more professional approach. Direct mail is also more likely to grab the user’s attention through the creativity of the document.

On the other hand email is regarded as best to send a quick reminder or to communicate quickly. The file can also be referred to later much easier and is easier to respond to. The frequency at which we receive emails takes the uniqueness away and makes the mailing a lot less personal.

For more statistics and information about direct mail, visit mailing specialist Orbital Mailing who provides polywrapping, envelope enclosing, data and personalisation services to a wide range of UK companies from their large UK mail house.

Benefits of Digital Human Resources Documents

human resources documents

Are you swamped with too many paper documents

Human resource departments tend to be very paper intensive handling a wide range of document types from day to day. Keeping track of high volumes of human resources documents in paper format does presents a number of problems such as:

  • high administrative and paper storage costs
  • difficulties in policing unauthorised access
  • greater risks of losing tribunal cases or failing audits

However, with the right solutions in place its is very easy and cost effective to switch to an electronic document management system.

Using document scanning software, HR teams can convert a wide range of human resources documents into digital format whenever they are received. Kofax Capture software allows departments to index the scanned documents with useful metadata ready for storing in a document management system.

Key benefits of digitising human resources documents

records and document management

hr document management

By systematically converting HR documents to indexed digital format and storing them in a document management system, HR departments can realise some significant benefits. There are also particular benefits in using an online document management system which allows secure access via a standard web browser from any web enabled location.

Potential benefits include:

  • Management of all human resources documents in one centralised system.
  • Fast document search and retrieval.
  • Reduced paper storage requirements and costs.
  • Share documents quickly and securely.
  • Enhanced disaster recovery through off-site cloud storage.
  • Easier tracking of documents electronically through workflows.
  • Easier compliance with the Data Protection Act with tight control over user access.
  • All document access is recorded with audit trail logging which aids compliance with BS BIP 0008.
  • Reduced administrative cost and effort in managing records in systems accredited to the ISO 15489 standard.

Departments with extensive paper archives of human resources documents can convert these relatively rapidly using a document scanning service. For one client in the security sector, UK document scanning service Data Capture Solutions report digitising 9000 employee records (over one and a half million pages) in less than 30 days.

Data Capture Solutions and HR Document Management

For assistance in assessing and finding the right HR document management and scanning solutions that full meet your requirements including industry regulations and legal compliance talk to DCS on +44(0)1753 616720.

DCS are experts in a wide variety of document management and document scanning software, systems and services that will not only improve your productivity and reduce costs, but also keep you on the right side of document compliance requirements – visit Data Capture Solutions at  http://www.dcs.co.uk for more information.