Reducing paper storage with backfile scanning

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Storing employee records as paper documents can be costing and error prone.

Storing employee records as paper documents has a number of financial and logistical implications. Filing cabinets and storage systems obviously take up floor space for which there will be associated costs. Where space is limited, office space or entire rooms taken up by filing cabinets could also be put to more productive use.

For any personnel departments faced with relocation, the transportation of paper-based personnel records can cause real headaches. The requirement for storage in new premises can also place limits on choice of premises or increase floor space costs.

To resolve these issues, departments can use an archive scanning or backfile scanning service to convert entire records archives to digital format. Document scanning companies can supply the scanned records on media such as compact disc, or upload them to a secure online document management system. In terms of the time to undertake such projects, UK document scanning company Data Capture Solutions report digitising 9,000 employee records (about 1.7 million document images) for a security firm client in under thirty days.

Data Capture Solutions and HR File Management

For assistance in assessing and finding the right HR document management and scanning solutions that full meet industry regulations and legal compliance talk to DCS on +44(0)1753 616720. 

DCS are experts in a wide variety of document management and document scanning software, systems and services that will not only improve your productivity and save resources, but also keep you on the right side of document compliance requirements – visit Data Capture Solutions at for more information.


Get Online with Kent Web Design

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web design kent

There are many reasons to have a website for your business in Kent, the most important of which is so that those searching for your services and products can find you and secondly, to be able to provide those services to products to your target audience. The majority of sales in 2013 will start with an online search, so you need to make sure you are where your audience is!

Even the most curious of potential clients will not look at everything on your website. With this in mind you need to ensure that you make sure you take advantage of every possible opportunity to engage visitors and sell. Make sure your Kent web design agency knows the local market and understands how local business is done. Interaction is the key here staying ahead of the conversion game.

The first thing to do is to make sure your most valuable content is easily accessible. This means tending to the most critical things where are at the top of your website (above the fold). This information needs to be at the top of the page to prevent users from scrolling. Aspects that you need to include above the fold are:

  • Opt-in forms
  • Testimonials and credibility enhances
  • Marketing copy
  • Contact details
  • Social media buttons
  • Offers and exciting news
  • Showcase videos

Perhaps the most important for B2B sales is the inclusion of a phone number. You will need to display it so that it is in an an eye catching position. Generally speaking, the top right hand corner is the strongest as it’s a great place for call to action. You can add persuasive text as well encouraging users to ‘call now’ or ‘contact us today.’ This type of assertive language will go along when It comes to conversions.

Some businesses have an ‘opt in’ or ‘call back’ function placed above the fold. This is useful for some who fear a hard sell if they call your business directly. A form is vital; again make use of assertive language. Tell your users what to do and you will see results. Lastly, make sure your Kent web design agency (like ExtraDigital for example) understands the nature of your business and the calls to action that need to be factored in. Whether this is phone numbers, email addresses, quick forms or any other aspects – having the right agency to bounce ideas off is a great partner to have. An effective website is your first step to driving useful traffic and increasing sales for your business.