Warehouse Design – Key Points

When designing your new warehouse or distribution facility location is a key factor that can make or break the success of your supply chain.

supply chain network

Your warehouse design needs to site within your supply chain network

However, before you even think about locations you need to review several factors including having a complete understanding of your current requirements coupled with detailed future planning giving you insight into how your warehousing needs will change and develop in the future.

It is worth investing in detailed supply chain modelling to help you review different scenarios and ensures you build into your plans sufficient flexibility for the future.

Warehouse Location – what you should consider

Your warehouse location is key to the design process and needs to bring you as close to your customers as possible. On demand is fast becoming the norm in people lives and although this expectation is easier to meet with digital content expectations are still high when it comes to the delivery of physical items.

As well as being close to your customers your warehouse location needs to work within your existing supply chain. Your new warehouse design will be closely linked to whether you need:

  • a stand-alone warehouse to serve nationwide demand
  • a new warehouse to expand your existing network
  • a new warehouse to replace an existing facility

Other factors effecting your warehouse design and location include budget, operational costs and customer service ability.

Being aware of your competitors

Although your new warehouse design will need to primarily be focused on your needs and requirements it is worth also reviewing your competitors. By looking at the warehousing and networks of your competitors you can identify aspects that work and perhaps more importantly areas were improvements can be made that will give you a competitive edge.

Professional advice and support

With so many key considerations it is worth investing in professional warehouse design advice from an experienced supply chain consultancy. They will be able to carry out detailed supply chain analysis and modelling plus provide support and advice throughout the project to ensure you get the right warehouse design in the right location.

Total Logistics has extensive experience in designing supply chain warehouses and distribution centres all around the world, incorporating both manual and fully automated solutions.

They model material flows and stock holding, overlaid with growth predictions, to understand the future business shape.  Plus consider customer service requirements to develop a range of mechanical handling equipment options.  Clients are involved throughout the process, to ensure that the warehouse design full meets all the clients’ current and future requirements.

For more details visit www.total-logistics.com


Mailing House Services – why use them?

Mailing houses have been in operation for many years, before the introduction of the internet and social media which has revolutionised the way marketers reach target audiences. Mailing services such as direct mail have always been a popular method of marketing but why would you use a mailing house in today’s society?

mailing house

Mailing house services in kent

  • Direct mail contributes to 25% of online purchases, primarily through catalogues and mailshots.
  • Mail actually has a higher chance of recipients actually reading about your product or service offering as the document has 3.8 seconds to gain the reader’s attention. Email marketing may not even be read and is often sent straight to the junk folder. 91% of direct mail is opened compared to only 11% of e-mails sent.
  • Close to 76% of readers will be happy to receive direct mail if it displays useful information and offers.

So we’ve establish that direct mail is still worth doing, but why would you use a mailing house?

  • Mailing houses possess the expertise in how to interpret mailing list data and how to build a successful direct mail campaign. These establishments will already have a compiled list of useful targets in a mailing list, so using their services will give you direct access to this data.
  • Personal data can be lasered onto envelopes and letters using the data stored in the database.
  • Mailing companies handle the risks liabilities and responsibilities of mailing. This means your company will not be liable for delays in service.
  • Some mailing houses have call centre facilities that will monitor the response of your direct mail campaigns. This means you can handle all marketing operations in one place, leading to cost savings through economies of scale.

What questions must you ask when choosing a mailing house?

  • Ask about their expertise and clients as seek testimonials to gauge the quality of their services. This will give you an indication as to whether they can meet deadlines and how reliable the mailing service is.
  • How does the company charge for their services and how are you protected against a breach in the terms of service? Do they require advanced payment or payment by unit?
  • Ask about time scales – does the company have a fast turnaround? Make sure you gain evidence of this by trailing their services.
  • What quality control do they have in place to ensure your high standard of quality?

There are many mailing house services to choose from all over the country. Many are based in the south East with access to major transport links to be able to transport mail around the UK easily. 

Training Manual Designs

Some describe training manuals as 300 pages that no one really wants to read. The trick is to make them user-friendly and allow easy navigation as well as an attractive appeal. This is very possible if you stick to the basic:


Making training manuals inviting

Appearance of the training manual is the first thing that people see and it takes a few seconds to judge what contents will be like. Therefore, you must make sure your training manual isn’t boring to immediately dissuade users from engaging with the document. Provide something that reflects the nature of your business but is attractive at the same time.

Select the right binder

Training manuals often contain many pages in which a binder is difficult to constrain. You need to select a binder large enough to accommodate for the size of the manual to avoid the manual falling apart. The rings need to be large enough to fit around the pages – with a little slack for additional pages to be added. Starting the design with a quick FAQ with reference to more detailed information which can aid in navigation.


Easy to read for information

Once you get past the first stage of aesthetic appeal, the organisation of your information is very important. You should break the training manual into different categories and sections. You do not need to limit the amount of sections that you have, the more the information is divided up, the easier the navigation. Having a large amount of dividers is sometimes seen as a problem and gives a cluttered look. Invest in multiple layer divider tabs which most training manual printing companies will support. Include a table of contents for further navigation.

Manual Printing

Make sure your training manual is well printed using a reputable training manual printing company who can cater to your exact specifications and leave you with professional, stylish and easy to use training manuals. 

Maximizer CRM – Features

Maximizer CRM

Maximizer CRM

Maximizer CRM is cost effective, proven customer relationship management software that meets the needs of companies of all sizes and sectors. The CRM is designed to help you to win new customers and encourage repeat business. But what are the features that make this CRM a great solution for all businesses?

Sales Tracking and management

You can analyse your sales opportunities and your sales pipeline to manage leads more effectively. This will help you to save time and provide you with sales data and business intelligence through a reporting function. This can greatly benefit the sales team, so that they can maximise sales and increase revenue.

Email Marketing

Maximizer CRM enables you to create professional email campaigns and generate leads. You can create a compelling email marketing campaign encouraging a positive return on your investment. The CRM makes this very easy to do.

Customer Service

Maximizer CRM has a customer services module that allows you to organise and priorities customer’s issues to help aid effective response and improve your customer relationships. The system is designed to reduce overheads and encourage costs savings as well as allowing customers to empower themselves and resolve their problems in the online database. You can produce customer service reports that allow you the visibility needed to deliver a great service that your customers deserve.

Maximizer has all these functions and more. Trials of the software are available for potential users to see how the software would benefit their businesses. Maximizer CRM is suitable for businesses in several industries and full Maximizer training is easily accessible 

To find out more about Maximizer CRM check out JI Software, the UK’s longest established Maximizer CRM resource centre and technical support service.