Team building activities are they a waste of time?

Vodafone UK and YouGov conducted a survey recently into team building activities and discovered that many employees think team building activities do little to improve team communication and working relationships.

The poll of over a 1,000 office workers found that over 50% believed traditional team building activities were a waste of time and stronger teams were better developed through social based interaction.

The researchers discovered that the least liked group activities included extreme sports and trust exercises, including exercises wear individuals are blindfold and fall backwards to be caught by team members. More popular activities included team meals or just going for a social drink together.

Sadly the team building experiences of some 54% had left them with a very negative opinion of the whole group bonding process.

While there is no doubt that companies need effective, strong working teams in order to be successful what this research highlights is that building these teams using traditional group bonding or team building activities may not be the way forward.

Team Building Meal

Fun Team Building

Employees clearly want fun team building based around a social atmosphere where they feel relaxed and able to communicate. However simply going for a meal or a drink together is not enough to really get a team working together. The social activity needs a purpose or goal this is why cooking based team building has become so popular as championed by companies like Venturi’s Table have been promoting corporate cooking events for several years.

Venturi’s Table created the first UK custom-built Corporate Cooking Centre in London, to provide fun team building cooking events for groups of business professionals.

Cooking is the perfect team builder not only is it social and relaxing it gives teams the goals need in order to get them working effectively. Plus the team all gets to sit down and enjoy the fruits of their labour with a fantastic group meal at the end.

With Venturi’s Table nothing is stressful or to labour intensive the experts are always on hand to make each step enjoyable and fun. Corporate cooking events can also be tailored with cooking challenges for the more competitively minded or for real foodies wine tasting or chocolate making can be added to the programme.

In fact group cooking at Venturi’s Table is so enjoyable many companies have chosen it as one of their favourite staff incentives rather than just a team building event.

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